Oh What A Night

Friends, let me tell you, I never win anything. Not the lottery, not random awards, not contests, not at all. Last night, at the

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kids Sake(you can still donate…)

my team

(mentioned here) Nabowlian Dynamite

not only had a blast, hung out with old and new friends, but we also screamed and cheered for every granny bowl and gutter ball out there, even more so than the people next to us cheered for each and every strike that they all got over and over…(I’m not bitter…) 🙂


This is not just any trophy friends. It is a bowling ball bobble head trophy. It was the most hilarious thing ever. We went a little crazy with happiness. I hate to say it, especially since I know how it feels to be the loser, but man, winning is fun. Made the whole thing worthwhile. Never mind all the money we raised and fun we had, we achieved greatness. In shouting. I’ll take it!

I mean, really, I understand that you had to be there, but there really was an energy from everyone, for doing something good and having fun doing it!

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