Life, In Boxes

Weirdest thing I’ve done in a while: I went through someone’s stuff. Their everything. This person had some things, well, all their things, left somewhere and never went for them. These boxes were made available to me as it was widely understood parts of my life might have found their way to these boxes as well. I wasn’t sure it was necessary, but part of me wanted to see the condition this person had given up in.

It was unsettling to be right, to see that people would take things and think nothing of it. It was also a memory of better things, and a realization of a life in need of saving, with no one knowing how to help. I really can’t get in to it much more than that, but can’t stop thinking about the situation. I’ve got some things back, sure, but someone else is missing so much more.


2 thoughts on “Life, In Boxes

  1. *voice of experience*
    You can’t save people that far gone. I don’t know if that’s what you’re getting at here, but I hope you don’t expend your energy trying. I guarantee, you’ll just wind up disappointed.

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