All About Carnaval

Everyone finished getting ready at KD’s after we spent the afternoon shopping and hanging out at the house. I learned about 8 valuable life lessons from my good friend DM, who gave me more insight than I’ve recieved on anything in quite some time, and made me realize how lucky I am to have friends like that. KD had a fridge a little too fully stocked for MK, if you ask me, who was caught in the middle of the kitchen announcing how he wasn’t driving and then almost falling over. I (if you can even even EVEN believe it) loaded up the car and took 6 of us (MK in the trunk, you wish we took a picture) and drove over to Carnaval. We made our way to the bar that had previously only been beer but was liquor too, again, too much for MK, who, per his Carnaval dreams, immediately entered a conga line and was missing until much, much, later.

We danced, we partied, we got to see our friend perform, albeit from a vantage that got most of us spilled on a little too much. We ran in to the second car load up by the stage and danced for hours. MK took turns taking the women through the conga line and keeping us safe from the creepy creepertons.

I again ended up driving (still sober!) home, and making everyone dinner so that they wouldn’t be sick in the morning. We were all in bed by 4am. 🙂

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