Broad Spectrum

Try to find two more different things to do in a day. I’m four for four or something.

This morning I went to a friends baby shower at a ritzy country club.

This afternoon I will be putting on the semi scandalous can-can costume that I have for Carnaval. I’m not really certain how to even try to describe Carnaval to you. In my terms, Carnaval means going over to KD’s, in a hilarious costume, when it’s pretty cold out, and drinking enough to warm you up. You then make your way to the Palmer Events Center, where there are something like 3000 other highly costumed people dancing and drinking and partying to Brazilian drums and samba music. Then the husband gets lost in a conga line and you find him again at 2am when the lights turn on. For those of you that haven’t ever been, here’s a pretty average costume:


It’s the most fascinating see and be seen event that I’ve ever been to in Austin. Despite my reluctance to get ready all day, getting there was one of the most fun things I’ve done in this city. We were terrible and hardly took any pictures last year, but I promise that I’ll get some for you, I know how badly you all want to see my head covered in feathers.

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