Missing: Social Skills

Running in to people that you knew from a former life is depressing. Makes you realize what you lose.

So, I knew a lot of people when I had a job. Now that I don’t even leave the house unless we’re out of milk, of course I see someone I know at the grocery store.

Old me: Hey, good to see you, how’s the world treating you? Good, good. You know, I’m swamped, yeah. (more pleasant friendly small talk). Sure, let’s do lunch next week! Take Care!

What I just did: Um, oh! Hey! Um, been a while, yeah. So… (awkward pause) I saw this person that you know a while ago. Oh, I thought you knew them, never mind. Lunch? Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do.


That last sentence right there was the killer. Oh, and I said it word for word. Sealed the deal of me realizing that I have LOST the ability to be nice to acquaintances now that I barely see more than two people on a regular basis. Who says that? Color me embarrassed.

One thought on “Missing: Social Skills

Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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