Maybe It’s Not All Scenic

Let’s just say you get on this thing called the TransScenic Railway. What would you expect it to be? That’s what I thought. There weren’t even enough clouds to hide the fact that with a name like that, they were only trying to sell tickets, and you could have driven and realized that there wasn’t that much to see. From the city of Greymouth where we checked our bags again and headed back to Christchurch – as you remember we didn’t stay there but I liked it anyway – it was a 5 hour ride. With the promise of seeing something. Not so much. I did see a dead cow, which you might be thinking is creepy for me to tell you, but MK and I had been trying to figure out why if there were all those sheep and cows on all those hills why we hadn’t see any falling or at the bottom already. The cow I saw was in some water, but anyway…

After trying to get some pictures from the viewing deck of the train of nothingness, MK came back in sneezing more that anyone, ever, and sat down sleepy style for a bit. The hayfever finally got him, bad. I listened to my music in a vegetative state.

All my life, I’ve wanted to go somewhere and have someone holding up a sign with my name on it. So much so that the last time my mom came to see me I did that for her. Well, there was a guy waiting at the terminal with a sign for us. MK wouldn’t take a picture, he thought that was creepy. Boo. But, then the radio announced as we were on the way to our hotel that none other than

TENACIOUS D (That’s right, Jack Black)

was performing that night in Christchurch, yes, that’s where we were, stay with me.

So of course, at our hotel, I find the only young young guy, and say “The D? Tonight? Where dey at?” To which he replies “Meyybe dey sold out, but check it. Town Hall. Dunno what time.”

So we had a glass of wine at the hotel – they brought us the ice this time – then went to the bar they had next door. MK does stocks, if you don’t know, and here’s the bar:

The Stock Exchange.

I want to open this bar here: (Don’t steal my idea that is really their idea) as you buy drinks, their stock rise, as does their price. And vice versa. Awesome. We chatted it up a bit with the couple in there. Then we decide to give The D a go. We use the map from the young guy, and walk, and it starts raining, so we make it slowly. We walk in, and they just shut down.

We beg and plead and plead and beg, and what do you know, we are the last two people they let in the show. Anywhere else, any other time, that wouldn’t have been such a huge deal, but we felt so American, at an American gig, cheering for the Americans. It was a blast. The concert was a great time, and the rain didn’t even bother us as we made it back to our hotel that night.

sebar.jpg the-d.jpg

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