Writer’s Block

Right, so I pretty much took the idea I had and ran with it, all the way through the first chapter, 3000 some odd words.

Then stopped. And realized I’ve got nothing. So, today will be full of me just making stuff up as I go. Having never been any good at anything, I have no knowledge of hobbies to give my character (there’s no kickball league where she is). She may end up doing things like brushing her teeth and checking the mail, these are things that I know about. That’s about it. I’m contemplating going back and giving her a pet somewhere in there. Maybe a fish or something. Sheesh.

I’m going to be in trouble if this is all I’ve got in me.

*Puts book about getting published to the side and starts surfing the internet*

Which reminds me, if anyone wants to babysit me, you might call every once in a while and say “Get off myspace!!”


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