Unimpressed, Mr. Laptop

It’s day three, people. THREE. Which means that last night was night two. In my humble un-computer-savvy brain, that’s a little too early in my novel-ing career for my laptop to crap out. SERIOUSLY. So, when the lovely “I have to check the sprinklers” apartment troupe came in (5 of them!) and asked me 10 minutes of questions about the projection screen, I was not very pleased when I returned to my masterpiece restarting itself.


(So no user-error jokes like the one my Dad told me this weekend “PICNIC – Problem In Chair, Not In Computer)

So, there goes 300 words or so. I save every couple minutes, but we all know there’s that law about the computer works while you save regularly, just not when you forget for 10 minutes.

In an effort to salvage my evening of writing, I made myself FORGO going out in order to get some work done. Getting behind on day two is unacceptable.

SO, I get back to work. I have been clicking the save button every other sentence.

Windows crashes. MK had to reset all the settings and get in to the programming. This laptop isn’t even two years old. Screen is flashing, goes gray, I’m about to throw the thing out the window. MK miraculously finds a recovered document that is up to the last word I typed. Phew!

I’m still considering a typewriter though. Little harder to count words, but at least I won’t LOSE any.

dog pee on laptop

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