On A Roll


As you will see by glancing to the right, I have already gotten to my daily goal. Yes, I started shortly after midnight. However, my eyes were bugging me and that lasted about 600 words before I decided that since I don’t have a job I don’t really need to be putting in odd hours. The worst part about writing that late is turning your brain off, I had to get up to make notes about things I thought of, and wrote about my novel in my sleep and had to get up first thing and write that down too.

It is interesting to write real conversation, and learn as I go. A neat suggestion from the NPNP (No Plot No Problem) book was to instead of having Strunk and White as your writing etiquette, use your favorite short novel. I’ve got The Great Gatsby and A Separate Peace right here by my side and it gives me a “what would a good writer do” way to approach things.

From here on out, I’m dedicated to posting about the book and also things I notice about Austin while I’m writing, as I’ll be looking for the best in coffee shops and places to write. There are set up dates by the group of Austinites participating in NaNoWriMo, at places I’ve never been, Flightpath and Cafe Caffeine.

I of course welcome any questions and/or words of encouragement and/or invitations out to dinner. I’m not cooking. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “On A Roll

  1. Congrats!! I was actually wondering if that little ticker on the right was ever going to change.

    I do have one request: Can I please, please have a signed copy of the completed novel? I want this because in case you get famous I can sell it on Ebay.


  2. Oh, I thought I told you, that will be the present everyone gets, if I finish this thing – it will be such a big deal to me I’ll be handing it out instead of Christmas and birthday gifts. 🙂

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