Calendar Of Depression

I have a calendar reserved just for this purpose: I record the good, the bad, and the ugly. C = cardio, W = weights, and D = drinking (yes even one drink).

I started working out maybe in March ’06, before the wedding to try and get a little toned up for my backless dress. MK got me the best personal trainer ever, and I did three days a week with her and tried to also get a day or two of cardio in. After the wedding in May, I really wanted to keep up with it and become a woman of physical prowess…but it was tough with work being so stressful.

We cut back on the drinking big time, which I was hoping would lose me 20 lbs., but that didn’t happen. In fact, all the muscles did was make me depressed that I’m GAINING weight each time I get on a scale, so I threw the scale out the window. Now, since I don’t have to jump into a monkey suit each morning, I’m going to be working it.

My goals are a MINIMUM of 1 hour of cardio each day I make it to the gym, going for at LEAST every other week day. I’ll be no doubt changing it up in the future and posting each month what worked and what didn’t.

My debate now is if kickball actually counts as any exercise (I’d like to just at least not have to put the “D” up there…)

And chances are good, if you see me, from now on it’ll be in gym shorts!

get beefy


One thought on “Calendar Of Depression

  1. Can I get to see you in No Shorts?

    Cause that would be hot!! Good luck with the working out…and i said the W and the D cancel each other out on Thursdays so you shouldn’t count either.

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