You Go, Grandma

I’m talking about Ruth, have you seen her? I discovered Ruth my first year in Austin. I didn’t have cable, so it was the 4 or 5 fuzzy channels. She’s on Travis County Access, doing “Seniorcise”.

She’ll have a chair and like a ribbon, and do some arm circles, sway a little, sit, stand up, sit, repeat. It’s old people exercise. I ate a whole bag of Doritos and watched the entire 30 minute routine the first time I saw her in her pink socks and pink shorts and pink shirt and pink earrings. It’s HILARIOUS.

I mean, good for her, right? I don’t know many 70-somethings with that much mobility and energy (not to MENTION their own TV show).

I saw Ruth again yesterday and it was like being connected with an old friend. I was all ‘blah’ on the couch and Ruth cheered me right up with her “ok, and step and lift and step and lift and step and that’s good right there now do the other side and step and…”

ruth seniorcise


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