National Yoga Month Update

As of today, I have done yoga 14 days straight.

Indoors, outdoors,  and even one time in a bar. Videos, classes, and instructions out of a book I taught myself. Morning yoga, late afternoon yoga, and one super late night I-almost-forgot yoga.

I figured at this halfway point it was time for some introspection. What did I learn? I love yoga. I can have an off day and it restores me. I can come to my mat stressed and the stress will leave me. I can even hate the video I start, end it, laugh, and find a new one. Yoga is my center, and my balanced poses and giving me a more balanced life.

I am eating less. Yoga curbs my appetite, for real. I am eating healthier. Yoga has made my subconscious grab an apple instead of crap food. I am drinking less, more than zero, but when you remember it was the first regular season weekend of the NFL, way less than I normally would have. 😉

On the other hand, I’m a little sore but don’t feel more flexible, thinner, or like I’ve made any leaps and bounds.

Emotionally,at first old me showed up and those thoughts got me down. I acknowledged them, but instead of falling into them I tried to see where they were coming from. It made me realize I was going about it wrong. I’m not doing this to lose 10 pounds. That will be bonus. If I haven’t leaped, I have learned, I have made progress. I’m on a journey.

During the “crazy late night yoga sesh”- I broke through and I have no idea how but managed to hold this for quite some time:

shared through

I set down smoothly and thought, yeah, the past 14 days have been worth it. It’s not just doing extra laundry and getting frustrated. It’s work inside and out, and it has been really rewarding.


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