How Sad

I like to read. I’ve had a book list every year I’ve had the blog- until now. And it’s not like I even noticed. Why not?

Because I just read my first book of the year.

I mean, we’ve been busy with other stuff! I stopped keeping track of what was going on, but I can’t remember if I’ve read a book in a while. So maybe I’ve read one or two, but don’t remember what they were. For the sake of keeping this little space n the internet dragging for myself and the thousands of you getting discouraged each day I don’t have a fresh new post up, I’m going to try to get it going.

The new Droid I got helps. I read my first book on the plane to and from Austin. And have many more available. I also have my Park City library card, and although it’s small there has to be something in there worth checking out. (get it, check out? Nevermind.) So I’m challenging myself to start now, this late in the year, and read the average of the last three years of posted books. I’ll let you know what that is when I go do the math.

Looks like

’07 – 47

’08 – 23

’09 – 43

So that should be easy. 38 books.

Help me! Suggest things you’ve read that I should check out.



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