Took Ten Minutes

Well, we finally got the day that I was waiting for – the first snowfall in our house! Let’s replay how it went down:

First, I called TB to see if it was snowing at HER house or if it was just a flurry for my part of Park City. She confirmed it was not just us.

Second, without even waiting for the cable guy to finish inter-webbing the house, the oven was on and the cookies were baking. Fortunately every window in the house was already open so we could watch the snow.

Third, I made MK have a moment. He hates forced moments. But it was the FIRST snowfall we were seeing from OUR window. Moment.

Fourth, plugged in the little Christmas tree Grandma gave me my first winter away from home. It’s not too early when you live in the MOUNTAINS.

Fifth, we went to the grocery store for provisions. (And no, I didn’t forget about the cookies, they were done).

Sixth, Chili for dinner, heat turned up.

I am so in love with winter it hurts. I keep switching on the back deck light to see the snow as it picks up.


5 thoughts on “Took Ten Minutes

  1. My friends back in Texas were making fun of a neighbor who had strung and turned on Christmas lights the other day. I called them all a bunch of Scrooges and thanked my lucky stars I finally live in a place where the holiday spirit is expected to begin on November 1st! Give me some eggnog and Frank Sinatra singing carols… and let’s keep it going until ski season ends.

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