That Was Easy

How many of you have bought a house? The be all end all exciting bit was too quick! I was all ready to go get my hair done and put on a dress and hire someone to take pictures. But it wasn’t prom. We did get drinks and MK even got a cookie, but the whole deal was maybe 15 minutes. And done. House.

We did the walkthrough, and I have to tell you, I am super in love with this house. Not just because it is about 11 minutes from the closest of THREE SKI RESORTS, but it’s adorable. It’s warm and cozy and clean and pretty. Yay!

Then we go sign papers. Maybe ten. That was all it took. I have a  copy, I can prove it. The crazy state of Utah is letting us have some land here. I’m not sure what they are thinking.

We went back to the B’s house all anti-climatically, and they were ready to help. Champagne toast! Then it felt like a party. I could tell they were as excited as we were when I asked SB “Guess what we bought today!?!?”, and she screamed “A HOUSE!!!”. Too cute.

TB and I took off to Home Depot pretty much immediately. There are some things we need to do, and I can’t wait to start. MK is convinced it’s the beginning of the end, but I can’t tell if it’s because of the paint colors I picked out or just how much fun we could have if we made all our remodel dreams come true. We totally used to look at other people with Home Depot trips all weekend and laugh. No we’re those guys. I always promised myself I’d embrace each new chapter when the time came. I’m a little afraid MK is going to run back to the beach to lay around. We’ll see…


6 thoughts on “That Was Easy

  1. If you REALLY want to get fancy, mix up Home Depot trips with trips to Lowe’s! Once again, congrats on the casa. When do you move in?!

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