No Crying

It’s still August, but you can feel it in the air here, I swear.


Five Reasons Not To Cry About The End Of Summer:

  1. Football. Finally.
  2. End of Padres = finding parking = more trips downtown!
  3. 90 days (or so) until ski season!
  4. All my TV shows are back.
  5. Kids go back to school!


10 thoughts on “No Crying

  1. I don’t want to make you cry harder or anything, but unless you’re flying to the Southern hemisphere, you’ve got a lot more than 70 days until ski season!

  2. No… we’ve decided to add another munchkin to the family, so I’m anticipating not being able to ski. It’s a hard decision for me, selfish as I am….

  3. Ahh! Well, congrats! Too bad you can’t just schedule things like that, then you could squeeze the pregnancy in between March and November 🙂

  4. Sorry about the phone calls- that was perhaps less than thoughtful on my part. But there’s nothing to tell at this point anyway. You’ll know when my comments get really grouchy…. 🙂

    ASH, don’t think I didn’t consider doing exactly that. 🙂 I’m telling you, missing ski season might land me in therapy.

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