Is Rachael Ray A Terrorist?

It’s not often that I’m on top of things, but every once in a while, I have this feeling that makes me think “something is going to come of that”. This is a pretty ridiculous example, I’ll admit it.

Back during SXSW I was making fun of some buddies rocking the houndsooth-esque scarves. I doubt anyone was pledging solidarity or thinking of Yasser Arafat. Here’s where I make it a don’t. You can read more here about the controversy of the Western culture fashion trend.

Here is the NY Times article about the recent debacle. Again, I’m not commenting on whether or not people should have been offended, or who’s right. But I will say that blogs are sometimes (not in my case of course) powerful tools that can shape perception – in this case enough for the ad to be pulled. Not to mention someone calling Rachael Ray a terrorist (maybe her stylist?), which I find hilarious. What do you think?

racheal ray ad


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