palm treeSeriously. What a break. Key West was a blast. We soaked up the rays, and attended a lovely wedding. Our trip to West Palm Beach was just as lovely. Talk about two completely different worlds. We flew overnight, which made it feel like going to a foreign country, and screwed up our sleep schedules for the week. We got in to Ft. Lauderdale and drove through all the keys. There are a lot of keys. Many of the keys look like the other keys…

We got in just in time for some drinks in the pool and the spectacular sunset, then it was off to the rehearsal dinner. It was about 30 people, the intimate kind of wedding we had briefly considered. It was so happy and fun. We went out exploring after dinner and found that there are some very eclectic places there…

The next day MK and I went to the beach, shopped, walked, and toasted our vacation a couple times. The afternoon was perfect for a wedding. The ceremony and dinner was great, and PW managed to get everyone out to Hog’s Breath, where we were met by the Christmas bagpipes. And many other places. You’ll enjoy those pictures once I find them.

We headed up to West Palm on no sleep and laid low that night, then took KK out to breakfast and lunch to visit. Our flight home was on a giant plane so we both slept well.

Not thinking about anything for a few days put me in a great frame of mind. I feel ready to revise, reread, and recreate a great book. Two great books. (That’s right, I have two now.) I feel ready for the holidays. I feel ready to get in touch, get back to life.


3 thoughts on “Recuperating

  1. You didn’t visit all the keys. 😛 Siesta Key here in Sarasota was just screaming your name… but you never came. 😦 Oh well. Sounds like a decent trip. 🙂

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