Rat A Tat-Too

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Today’s Topic: Tattoos: Love ’em or leave ’em?

To tattoo or not to tattoo, shouldn’t even be a question. I’ve never, and never will.

What is there, in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD that you are PERMANENTLY PASSIONATE about? Oh, right. Skulls, flowers, mermaids. Um, I like Law and Order. I’ve made the joke I’d do a little sketched R.I.P. Jerry Orbach on my shoulder. But no. It’s PERMANENT. The whole point is the giant, lifelong statement that you adorn yourself with to be individual – just like everyone else.

Well, actually – not lifelong anymore. According to Tattoo Blog, (and they’re even calling it ‘removable permanent’) there is a new microbead ink that will be completely removable in one laser treatment. WTF?

What’s so hardcore about that? It’s like writing on your hand with a pen. Half the fun of tattoos is when you don’t like fairies anymore or you gain 50 lbs. and no one is sure quite what that blob used to be. Now, you can just undo it. Why not tattoo your boyfriend’s name up and down your arms. Break up? Erase it. Start over. No biggie.

I would, however, were I forced against my will, to go ‘under the needle’, know exactly who would do it:

la ink

She’s lovely. The only good thing about tattoos is LA Ink. Now that’s quality television programming.


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17 thoughts on “Rat A Tat-Too

  1. My favorite line: “Half the fun of tattoos is when you don’t like fairies anymore or you gain 50 lbs. and no one is sure quite what that blob used to be” Hahahaha 🙂

    I think “permanent-removable” or whatever cheapens the whole idea of getting a tattoo; soon people will have to find new ways to make “permanent statements”, and I can only imagine it’ll get more and more painful….

  2. I voted for you because it was a topic I had in my head as well. I have 4 tattoos and I loved them when I was 25. At 34, I wish like hell I could get rid of them! *moans*

  3. Me? PLUR on the chest. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. I don’t think that I would ever decide against that one.

    Already have my next one kinda sorta decided. It will need some fine tuning before actually getting it.

  4. Ok well let me say this. First of all it was oriented in tribes for markings of rank or to mark an important event in ones life. Head hunters for example would be tattooed.

    Now as for modern tattoos, yes I agree with the fact that some people are real stupid with the decisions they make on getting tattoos. I’ve also seen a lot of people get impulse tattooing done from people who arent skilled or are under the influence which is also a bad idea.

    As to the reasoning why, allow me to shed some light on ones narrow minded perspective. Its an artform. One that is ment to be projected for the personal feelings of the owner of said tattoo. A family member passing away, military, and as much as I hate to say, even clubs, gangs, ect.

    I have a sleeve thats for my brothers. As dark as the theme is it was projected as a means to also release inner stresses and deamons I have been dealing with and is a constant reminder they dont rule my life anymore.

    I also have a series of other tattoos to represent the importance of my heritage and my personal life. Things that wont change over the years. One day, yes, they may be blobs, but for now people appreciate the importance and beauty of the art form.

    So I say this on behalf of my body modified “sub-culture” as you so ignorantly stated, you are unapreciative of peoples hard works, many peoples goals, admirations, family, cultures, friends, loved ones, interests and a form of industry. That in turn, makes you no better than an ignorant racist.

    Let people be who they want to be. If they want to permamently mark their bodies fine. If the want to put a bunch of metal bars and hoops through their skin, let them. If they want to brand or cleave skin to do patterned scarring, so be it. Don’t come off like your the voice of reason and your way is law. Many people do many different things to be different. SOme people write songs or books, others build buildings, some people just do it on a personal level by body mod. Dont attack people who have tattoos with this slander of a blog just because you disagree. We dont post blogs saying how much we hate the idea of someone NOT being tattoo’ed now do we? Its people like you who make people of different cultures afraid to mingle on a public level. It’s that kind of mentality that made it hard for Blacks to be truely free, or homosexuals able to carry on relationships in public.

    There was a group of people who were much like that…i think they were called…Nazis?

    PS LA ink and Miami Ink, BOTH suck, the work they do on those shows is over dramatized and any good tattoo artist anywhere can do it.

  5. You know, a person without tattoos isn’t automatically smart. A person with tattoos isn’t automatically stupid. Just because a person is young and has tattoos doesn’t mean they don’t have meaning. Just because one person here regrets her tattoos doesn’t mean that everyone will. Just because some slob gets gross and fat doesn’t mean everyone with a tattoo will. Just because Kat Von D is hot doesn’t make her a great tattoo artist.

    A tattoo is meant to represent a part of yourself. People who just want a fairy, skull, or flower on them because they think it is cool just haven’t put enough thought and effort into the process of choosing and getting a tattoo. I’m 19 and have two tattoos so far; one for my mother and one for my father. A lot of thought and planning went into those tattoos, as well as “shopping” for the right artist to do the work. I will never regret these tattoos because they have a specific and special meaning to me.

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