Vick Doesn’t Matter

Or how about shouldn’t matter, not this much. It seems everyone is a little too worked up about the dogs. I’m late even getting out an opinion at this point. But I didn’t expect it to blow up into the talk of the preseason. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. I love dogs. Fines and jail time, that’s the law. Suspension from the game? Y’all think that’s appropriate, fine.

But what about these guys?
I had no idea until I read this article: Last Days – The Stranger
Take a look at the first bullet point.

These guys beat their PREGNANT wives and were not punished by the NFL. Dogs don’t matter to me that much. Without the original article I’m having trouble finding all the ramifications, but does it make sense?

does not equal unequal

The whole problem is a typical one with regard to our sports heroes, that of uproar and unpopular actions getting in the way of equal treatment and correct punishments. We can be mad about the dogs, we can let the law handle the punishment for the rules he broke. But football is his job. And if others don’t get kept from working after abuse (on people), what sense does that make? Let the man play. We can be mad, sure. We can let him apologize to PETA. But there’s a line that I’d like drawn that separates the man and the ball player.

4 thoughts on “Vick Doesn’t Matter

  1. The blog only says Gates was arrested, not convicted, nor does it say he pled guilty – Vick pled guilty and is going to be convicted. Vick’s suspension is not for abusing dogs per se. Its for being convicted of a federal felony, for repeatedly lying to the NFL about it, and for funding gambling (a huge no-no in the sports world) – the last two do relate to his career. Also, the blog only says the other players’ careers “survived” – it does not say whether they were suspended in the interim. Vick’s career may very well “survive” too as his he could be reinstated after he is released from prison.

  2. and because I have had a long day and am in an argumentative mood (shocking I know) to say that because person A did something bad and did not get punished, person B should not be punished is a basic logical fallacy. The correct answer is person A should also be punished – if you merely dont like the disparate treatment argue and campaign for punishing the spousal abusers, not against punishing Vick.

  3. I wiki’d everyone to make sure that they weren’t later suspended or had charges dropped, of course the points are hard to prove, as I can’t get the original article. My main argument is the disparate treatment in the press for exactly that reason. I’d be happier if the gambling was central, not the animal rights issues.

  4. What surprises me is how shocked people are that Vick is in trouble. He was a thug at Virginia Tech, and he is still a thug.

    As far as the other players not being punished, I agree with the comment above. Vick should be punished, and any other NFL player found guilty of breaking the law (or their wife, or their girlfriend) should be punished as well.

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