Cans Of Art

I’m still sleeping after a full, full day hiking Mt. Rainier, I’ll try to recover and tell you all about it… before I get even more into the swing of the 4th of July, which I get a full week of celebrating for, even though I totally disagree with MK and don’t think it really counts as one of those holidays you have to call family on and such. Good sentence.

In the meantime, how about some Cans of Soup, that are artsy?

Cans of Art

flickr can art

One thought on “Cans Of Art

  1. Yes. They are artsy. I especially like the framing with the word “CAN”. It makes one feel like anything is possible.

    They are of such good quality that I think you could have spent more bandwidth. Perhaps you could have made the picture much larger or just not shrunk it for posting purposes.

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