Photo Limits = Grouchy Blogger

Talk about frustrating. I was all about this flickr thing, and had organized all my pictures and started to upload them. So now, I’m trying snapfish.

I should be going backwards to add to the appropriate posts, but then I bet that you wouldn’t even look at them:

Flickr – Seattle Memorial Day Weekend – that’s the pics that are cute but are not Sasquatch from when everyone was here. I’ve added some more recently.

Snapfish – Sasquatch – I bet you can figure out what those are. There’s no place for explanations, but they’re either of us, the music, or the view…

Snapfish – Fremont Fair – this is for the post I never wrote. It would have gone a little like this:

Maybe 78704 is Austin style hippie, but Fremont is pretty far out there too. The parade is to celebrate the ‘Soulstice’, so there’s a parade of nekkid bicyclers, and then a huge parade of more stuff that makes even less sense. If it looks a little strange, that’s because nothing could be motorized or not recyclable. Earth friendly parade. It was certainly the most crowded event that I’ve been to in Seattle, and very interesting. You can see the one picture of a crowded street, and there was also a car show of strange cars. The clouds towards the end of the afternoon looked like rain so I headed home instead of to the end celebration at Gas Works Park, but I had seen plenty.

Hope you enjoy!!

3 thoughts on “Photo Limits = Grouchy Blogger

  1. Since you have your own domain name, it looks a little like you’ve invested something in the blogging thing. It is possible to make very small amounts of money at this. Right now, I’m using Adsense. I’ve made over a dollar! Woooie!

    Anyway, I like text and don’t especially care what people I’m never going to see in person look like so the lack of pictures seems completely reasonable and fine to me.

  2. Why don’t you just upload them to wordpress from your computer? That’s what I do when I post pics. There is also photobucket…

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