Seen This?

Well, I own one now, and let me tell you, it is seriously another thing trying to ruin my diet. As part of the ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY festivities I haven’t yet mentioned, MK and I went out for a delicious and fancy dinner. When our host tried to tempt us with dessert, we considered the possibilities, but MK was disappointed they had no Crème Brûleé, his favorite dessert ever. The only one he’ll eat. We (I) got ambitious and picked up the little set since I knew they existed and would be fun and have a recipe book. Whole Foods got us the lowest fat version of the recipe we could manage, but it is still so awesomely bad for you that I am reduced to one bite per ramekin MK eats. Needless to say, YUM! It was kinda a pain in the butt to make, as in we were impatient and it takes a while, but it was worth the wait. I am a delicious chef.


3 thoughts on “Seen This?

  1. Mmmm! I’m about to drool on the keyboard that makes us a living (or used to)…. I have it on excellent authority that the secret to perfectly smooth creme brulee is this: after you have whisked the main ingredients together, pour the concoction through a fine strainer – twice – to eliminate all air bubbles.

    Oh, and I’m afraid I must insist that you enjoy your own ramekin, else I will be forced to fly to the emerald city and inflict bodily harm upon you. It’s not Krispy Kreme, it’s creme brulee, which is good for your soul.

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