Book Mooch


What do you think about this site? I’m still just looking around…

Book Mooch

You can get rid of books you’ve read and trade them. Sounds good in theory, unless everyone is reading sci-fi except me.


4 thoughts on “Book Mooch

  1. Thanks for that link!

    My sweetie uses a similar thing (a freecycle yahoo group) and enjoys it a great deal. We are able to get rid of stuff that we don’t want and get a bunch of useful stuff. So, my suspicion is that it is essentially an excellent thing.

    (Yeah, I do bet that there are more fluffy things than non-fluffy things and the bother of mailing fluffy things seems more than it might be worth so it won’t be a universal panacea for book problems — still, I bet it is fun).

  2. I’ve just started using it, but I’m finding a pretty good variety of stuff on it. A children’s book, a recent trade paperback, a couple of classic novels. If you’re not finding what you want, spread the word. The more people on it the greater variety of books you’ll see.

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