Settling In

As I mentioned here, Wednesday was the best! day! ever! It didn’t start out so well, as I had a little (a lot) of trouble finding the gym, it wasn’t where I remembered it…but after I worked that out, I got in a 2 hour fantastic workout. I came back to make us lunch and we got ready for our day out exploring.

We put on our sensible shoes are headed down. We’re on 8th, and Pike’s is down by the waterfront, but it’s not that bad of a walk. We toured up and down a few streets before making our way into the market.

pike place market

I remember it from when we visited, but saw it in a whole new way this time. The fruits and veggies, the fish, the flowers, this is stuff I can actually buy, instead of just looking around at it! It was kind of full, and that’s a little tricky. But it is just such a happy place to be with all that going on, so I don’t mind. We headed from our street to the opposite end, and took that way back, heading in a big loop back toward the mall area. We saw a place that had a Happy Hour, which it was, and went in. It was a appetizer fare and drink special deal, and I immediately ordered a plate full of oysters. I had been waiting for those since I got here. They were exceptional. That was what made the day. That’s all it took. Yum.

We made it back to our place and had a big dinner. Happy Day.


2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. You probably don’t remember the Levi’s commercials from 15 years ago– who does?– but they featured a bunch of people with interesting jobs who wore Levi’s to work. One of them was a guy who worked at Pike’s Market, hurling huge fresh fish around as people ordered from the latest catch. It was like Cocktail, but with giant fish instead of liquor bottles. I actually saw the guy at work when I visited Seattle the summer I turned 13. I’m sure he stank, but I was awestruck.

  2. They wrote a book about them too, and now people go and just stand there staring at the guys hoping to see them work. But they don’t buy anything, which would improve their chances…

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