The Menu Is All Downhill From Here



Longest drive yet: to Wellington. On the way we got to see a windmill power plant thing, that was the coolest, those things are huge. And of course there is no wasted space in NZ so there’s all these little sheeps wandering around under them oblivious…


So, after all the rare hits and mostly misses our diet had been getting, we made the hardest decision of our trip: we had lunch at McDonalds. I swear to you, I never eat that stuff here, but it was the only meal so far that I didn’t feel sick after. So, as you can imagine, we had it like 5 (ok, you got me, maybe 15, we were there a MONTH) more times. Just a little cheeseburger…MK actually had some healthy chicken wrap. The burgers that you’d get in a local shop anywhere, they serve with beetroot on the meat, and goat cheese, which I just can’t stomach. So McDonalds helped a lot. There were a couple Subways we made it to too. That was it for chains, and I feel guilty, but I’d rather eat that garbage and enjoy my trip.


We took a trolley car to the top of the city, and walked down through the Botanical Gardens, which unfortunately turned into a death march we thought we might not survive. 35 minutes turned into an hour and a half or so back to the hotel. Don’t know how we managed that, but I’m pretty sure I walked off my McDonalds calories!

MK also made us stop at the Kaoira Forest on the way, which I mention only because (my little nerd) he bought a book that told him that that was one of the places that the Lord of the Rings was filmed. I think he was expecting a castle or something, we walked out to where “Rivendell” had been and saw: some grass. Not that exciting. I forgot to mention that we walked over swing-bridges on this hike:

bridge.jpg bridge-2.jpg

2 thoughts on “The Menu Is All Downhill From Here

  1. Wait… so, you missed most things in Wellington then?

    At least you saw took the cable car I guess. You guys must be the only tourists not to go to Te Papa…

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