Falling Behind

In good news, I’ve crossed the 10,000 word barrier, a big intimidating one that for some reason had me daunted.
In bad news, I should be somewhere around 12,000 really like 24,000 if I’m going to see this through, due to the end of the month Turkey Day travels. We were in Houston the past two days, and that helped this morning but not at all the day before.

Tomorrow will be a big day. We’ll see what happens.

I’m dividing my time writing and reading, I am halfway through The Emporer’s Children, and it’s GOOD.

I have a little head cold, and I reek like a Starbucks. Seriously. The beans are hiding in my jacket and laptop case somewhere. I need Fabreeze.

Other than that there haven’t been any major writing casualties to speak of!


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