Not sure what to technically call it – I think backcountry skiing implies all the work of the ascent, which we used snowmobiles for, but I did ski in a place without a chair lift, is that all it takes? I’m a backcountry skier! And I’m hooked, and ready to do it forever and ever and again and again. It is incredible.

Snowmobiling was 99% awesome 1% MH, but we’ll leave that story alone, let’s just say we got separated and home late.

And it was exhausting. We crashed as soon as we got home. Pushing through turns is a lot of upper body work and that helmet gave me the neck pain of all neck pain.

But of course, living here is going to cost us 50,000$, because now we want snowmobiles.

Add that to the skis, backcountry skiing set ups, and snowshoes. We’re gonna need some jobs.



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