And The Winner Is…

Snippy and sybo guessed it! But really, it came from a lot of help from Snippy’s ideas.

We’re doing a green and burnt orange room. After visiting a design store that had the room as a bedroom, I wanted it to be the guest room, but the linens MIL gave us were so nice that we have to use those and make it match. Snippy went to the trouble of looking up colors and helping with ideas. She noticed a candle and holder (not shown) I have that are going to theme out the room. They’ll go in the center table I’m trying to choose. So the paint came out great in two coats, the second one which I managed to knock out all. by. myself. So I’m pretty proud. The room still isn’t done, we need to prime and paint the trim. Hopefully soon!


6 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. LOVE the color, and am VERY excited to see it all pulled together with the orange. I’ve been in a very green mood lately, and am LOVING it with dark browns, oranges, and turquoises. Glad I could help! Just let me know when you’re ready to tear into the next room! 😉

  2. Can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing this with the burnt orange, but the green looks lovely. This makes me want to paint!

  3. If a man speaks alone in a forest, is he still wrong?

    If a tree falls and hits a woman, what’s the forest doing in the kitchen?

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