Rethinking That One Time

Stories can either gain or lose something in the retelling. Driving by our old La Jolla place today, we told the story of the dummy apartment lady that gave us a place then gave it away. I can’t find it – but here’s this link – proof that things can be amazing.

Sure, we PLANNED to move to Utah. But we were basically EVICTED. I didn’t give all the details here but the truth of the matter is, we would have been homeless but were TAKEN IN. So I’m thinking about my awesome brother, how he’s moving out to San Diego – I think it’s finally safe to announce that here – and how great it is that when he gets here, he has my house until he has his. And he has us.

Some people have nothing. We had BB and TB to turn to when honestly we had no where else to go. Life can be really amazing, and people can be so giving that it hurts your heart to know how great they are. Sure we knew each other a long time – but opening your house speaks volumes. Them letting us stay with them until our lease started, it wasn’t a little thing, it was huge. And I hope that everyone gets to experience that kind of generosity.

Telling MB that story, seeing him crack up, rethinking the whole “what are we going to do” moment, those memories stick!


5 thoughts on “Rethinking That One Time

  1. My couch and the awesome TV that you know will be taking up my living room will always be open to you, once I get there. 😀

  2. If they don’t, I’ll raise the issue with management.

    “How is a woman supposed to fulfill her duty if a burner doesn’t work?”

  3. Then I bet you’ll love having me around. I’m great with stuff like that. I’ve fixed countless things that broke on me in my apartments.

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