The Unfinished Novel(s)

Most of you have been able to remind me of my constant failures (ha!) when you remember to ask “How’s your book going?”. What you may not all know is that I finished it. And wrote another one. Here’s something I’ve never shared en masse:

The first novel is the story of a woman who was raised by her grandparents. When they both pass she’s confronted with the life she ran away from and the true identity they kept from her. And she falls in love. It’s that kind of a book.

The second novel is a woman who witnesses a near-murder and comes to term with her demons through interaction with the person she rescues who turns out to be a big deal kind of a person. It’s that kind of a book.

The problem is that I think they’re good books. Well, the first one I stopped thinking that about after I lost my grandmother. I realized that I felt more than I made the reader feel. I need to work on that. The second one I haven’t edited since I wrote the full first draft. So in my head it’s a masterpiece.

So I need to hire an editor. Still. Which is something I didn’t learn in college. So I have no idea what to do. When I have no idea, it doesn’t get done.

That’s where we are with that. I’m thinking of taking up knitting…

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6 thoughts on “The Unfinished Novel(s)

  1. Thinking that you’re feeling more than the reader feels is selling yourself short. Unfortunately, you just can’t know that yet. 😉 I’d like to read both of them… and I think you can hire editors without taking a “how to hire an editor” class in college. Just Do It. *swoosh*

    Aren’t you glad you’re moving????

  2. I think you get an agent first and then the agent promotes your book to editors/ publishing houses. If only I had gone into sports and entertainment law like I wanted to…(then I might actually be of use to somebody)

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