On The Road Again

Sunday morning started at 5 again, much to my wanting to beat my husband unhappiness. The part I was awake for watched and saw everything of was Wyoming. It was beautiful.

view.jpg view2.jpg

MK drove most of the way. I took over in Utah and got us to Boise, Idaho. I will never be able to tell you how he heard that Boise was cool…but it wasn’t. There was a cute little downtown and whatever but it was a college town. In Utah, I learned that when your car dies, that’s where it goes. We saw tons and tons of abandoned motor vehicles. Not on the road, just around. In huge piles. It was just the little corner, but it wasn’t very pretty. I wonder who owns that land…since it was Sunday, the stores in Utah were closed, even the Subway we tried to eat at. WTF? I wouldn’t want to be moving there…hahaha just kidding, Mrs. Standin.

Anyway, so we’re in Boise, at the hotel, and they were nice enough, and told us to go eat at some brew pub. At least the Red Sox were on. The service was brain dead. It was late. So, we went back to the room for sleepy time. We were really exhilarated though, knowing that we were about to embark on the last leg of our journey. BUT, we put on the alarm on my phone and turned it up. That was dumb, since with the time change, people might accidentally call and wake you up!

We got back to bed okay, and up a little later that usual (6am) to get ourselves to our new home. We drove through Oregon, where there were great big trees – which I missed in Texas, and it was beautiful. Crossing the Washington border got me really excited. This is our new home state! Since the last time we where in Seattle, we flew, we had no idea what the rest of the state looked like. I felt like I was exploring my new territory. MK drove but I was awake and excited. Even though we were still 5 hours away. We drove by the place that the music festival we’ll be attending next month is at, that was fun, to know we’d be back. There was water and snow and great views everywhere. There are tons and tons of vineyards in the Yakima Valley, where we drove up through, and that got me excited. I’ve never had any WA wine, but I will!


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