Working out isn’t enough in and of itself. When I realized that and entirely reformed my eating habits was when I first started noticing drastic improvements in my health and weight loss.

One problem I face is that I can’t stand sugar replacements. I would rather die than drink Diet Coke. So I quit drinking soda. I can’t eat anything with Splenda or Equal or whatever else. Try to trick me. I can taste it in anything. That new Dannon yogurt, the 60 calorie one, is disgustingly full of Splenda. Can’t eat it. Every once in a while I get real sick of not being able to eat or drink whatever, or trying healthy stuff only to find they put that crap in it.

Enviga is controversial:

Mean article here, good article here.

It only has 5 calories, and purports to help you burn calories (hundreds) since it’s a green tea based drink. Whatever. I’m not looking for a quick fix. That usually never works. Who cares about that??? However, this stuff is tasty. If you are curious, I suggest you pick some up. It’s a delicious alternative to water – whether or not it burns calories, it won’t leave that nasty after taste on the roof of your mouth like other drinks. There’s no fat or calories, and it’s yummy. Works for me whether or not I’m burning calories.


*CocaCola in no way (unfortunately) endorses somegosoftly*


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