Spring Skiing And Spring Cleaning

It just dumped and dumped this past weekend. All we had to do was clear our decks and we got another three feet to clear. If we had known, considering what a lame winter it was, we would have cleared the deck and made it snow more often. You can no longer see the first floor of our house. Enough melted, but for a day you couldn’t see the second floor either! And MK really did hike up there and ski down. Being a grown up rules, because I’m pretty sure our moms would NOT have approved.

We skied like crazy (not just off the roof). I learned from sweet hubby how to pop up in my turns and get through the powder, and he took me to some parts of Deer Valley I wasn’t good enough for until now. It was amazing! Until the second day I came home, used the potty, and fell down the stairs after my legs collapsed! It was a little funny.

Stretching has helped. And the work reminded me I’m not getting my act together getting back on the workout train. It’s about time. I’ve been doing a little weightlifting at home, but it makes me so hungry I’ve put back on all the tons of weight I’d lost while sick… might be time to start running, hiking and biking. Heading to multiple pool time Vegas vacations should be motivating me, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on.

We have a friend coming in to town, then Momm and brother. MK is doing too much trying to make the place ultra nice for them, he’s such a sweetie. We’re almost done – pictures tomorrow – with the master bedroom fireplace gutting and wall making. We redid and painted our front closet, and MK finally cleaned up the seal-ing around our front door. Right now, our house is a maroon color, with burnt red-orange trim, and our front door is BRIGHT FOREST GREEN. Although I’ve been told SB might not think it’s our house if I change it, we’ve been doing so much house work and her mommy’s so preggers they haven’t seen it in forever anyway! SO – what color can I paint the door? I was so close to going with that grey blue I’ve been putting everywhere else, but it really doesn’t match. Then I thought black, but it’ll never stay clean. MK wants white, same problem. Anyone have any amazing idears? (R on purpose, in honor of my mommy.)

I might paint my office, since it’ll be the first time someone’s using it as a 2nd guest room, and hopefully once Momm shows up she can help me make some final decorating and designing decisions. It’s so impossible for us to decide – we spent an hour in Lowe’s looking at lighting after I spent two hours on the internet not finding anything for our master overhead light, dining room overhead light, and basement hall sconce. Ugh!

The problem is totally that as soon as you commit to something and spend the money, you see something better that you wish you could get. If you’ve ever updated part of your house I bet you’d agree with me. We picked colors for our basement redesign,only to see an HGTV episode of a room with those colors and decide it sucked. 🙂


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