Wartime Reading

Here’s another interesting story from popcandy.com.

Warzone Books – What Troops and Western Civilians are Buying From AbeBooks.com
The Physics of Blown Sand, Writing Poetry, Harry Potter and Organic Chemistry are just some of the diverse books bought from AbeBooks.com by military and civilian personnel stationed in Iraq since 2004.

We have selected 50 titles from books purchased by AbeBooks’ customers – including US soldiers but also UK military personnel and Western civilian contractors – living on military bases and secure civilian installations around Iraq.

They might surprise you. Some readers in Iraq are inspired by the desert landscape while others are dipping into American history and politics. Some purchases are deeply personal such as a guide for an expectant father, and books about theology and spirituality – others are practical purchases such as an English-Turkish dictionary. Textbooks constituted the most popular genre illustrating the fact that many readers on bases in Iraq are studying in their spare-time.

Read the full lists here. I was surprised!


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