Facebook Faux Pas

I can tell you here safely that we have a little joke. It started with my visiting company. These days, you get to talk about catching up and all the ways to do so when you’re face to face. You ask your friends if they prefer texts, phone calls, emails or Facebook. So the joke was about a friend that isn’t really a friend. Those happen on Facebook. She updates her status every couple hours, with the most mundane of her day. We all are guilty of being a bit impulsive or odd from time to time, but she was consistently cracking me up.

NH reminded me I could always choose to get less information on my home page about a particular person. But why do that when you can instead have a little fun? The game became “What is XX doing?” And we had some fun with it. On the slopes, at dinner. Every chance we got to check in.

Tonight after dinner, sitting by the fireplace watching the snow fall, I really wanted to write that I was “sitting by the fireplace watching the snow fall”. I can see how the mundane can have some charm. There was a ton of snow. I can’t wait to ski tomorrow. Maybe I could have mentioned that I was “anticipating some great skiing”. Or maybe after tomorrow I’ll be “in a cast”. I try to behave over there, you never know when Facebook is going to bite you. In this age, no one wants to be that guy. Facebook prevents me from gaining weight – you have to post pictures every so often! Facebook might prevent me from a divorce. I don’t want to have to change my status to “it’s complicated”! I kinda wish I knew where some wedding pictures were…people always have those.

It’s fun to use and abuse a social networking site. What’s your guilty pleasure?