End Of Me

That Kindle is too cool. Plus the 400 some odd books on it so far. I was supposed to get a lot done today, but in between house stuff I already read a full book in a few hours! The best thing is how little it bothers my eyes! I’m already thinking of all of the things I’m not going to get done because of it. Not only that, I’m looking forward to my hair appointment. It’s got me thinking of other things that I won’t mind anymore, like waiting for the car to be serviced, for a doctor/dentist appointment, all those things I’d get bored waiting around doing if nothing fun was going on on the internet to look at on my phone.

I watched TV tonight for a minute with my laptop, Kindle, camcorder, camera and phone all on the couch by me. So many fun toys! But it is hard to concentrate on making a video, sending a text, and reading a book!


Spelling And Typos

We all, from time to time, make mistakes. I have a sweet Momm and Dadd that will read my writing and let me know if I make a mistake. And husband. And brother. And Snippy. And anyone else I might ask for feedback. Here, Facebook, Twitter, Ski Utah. Doesn’t matter. It’s important to me that I express myself clearly and part of that is not being ignorant of something I may have overlooked.

You wouldn’t hire someone who couldn’t be counted on to be consistent and professional, and writing well is part of that, even if it’s not the main focus of that person’s job. As an advertiser you’d quit giving a site money if it made mistakes too often.

Maybe not everyone has time for someone to help proofread their work. But it is starting to drive me totally crazy that so many people who have an online presence are simply terrible at spelling. Grammar and writing style are one thing. Sometimes I’m trying to convey something funny or snarky and write it a certain way that may not work for you. That’s allowed. I won’t pick on you for that. But if your ‘career’, no matter how serious, has you posting online, I think you should spell or have someone proofread your work.

Does it matter to you if you get a work email that is barely legible? Not a quick text from a friend written more to convey an idea than tell a story, but something that is supposed to be professional. I’ve been seeing some blogs, Facebook business pages, and Twitter accounts lately that have typos that hurt my brain. What would you do? I’m tempted to find the equivalent of the online ‘red pen’ and go around correcting people. But I’m betting it won’t make me many friends…

My Yelp Fail

Or, “Need Yelp Help”.

One thing I love about the B’s is that they try anything and everything once. San Diego is so enormous that sometimes MK and I got in to a routine and didn’t often stray from it. So while we were there visiting and in need of some celebrating, we took to our fancy phones to find a place for lunch we’d all never been to before.

I tried Urbanspoon first, an app that is like casino slots, you give it a shake and it picks neighborhood, price, and cuisine, then suggests a restaurant. Our location was yielding too many chain restaurants, so MB suggested I try Yelp.

I was hesitant, I’ve never had a good experience with that site. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, you tell me. He suggested I type in “best margaritas”. The site did indeed pull up a bunch of Mexican restaurants, so we figured we were good. We picked one with great reviews, or many stars or whatever.

We get there, and the food was only okay, and there were no margaritas. They didn’t even sell them. What did I do wrong? Why did Yelp put this place in my results?

I mentioned once before the other problem I have – if you aren’t just telling me the restaurant was clean, and the service was good, how on earth can I relate to you? I clearly didn’t have the same taste buds as the people that loved the place, and voted NO margaritas as ‘best margaritas’.

I kep forgetting that not everyone has a smartphone (get with it already sheeple) but for those of you that do – is anyone experimenting with layar or any other augmented reality app?

Facebook Faux Pas

I can tell you here safely that we have a little joke. It started with my visiting company. These days, you get to talk about catching up and all the ways to do so when you’re face to face. You ask your friends if they prefer texts, phone calls, emails or Facebook. So the joke was about a friend that isn’t really a friend. Those happen on Facebook. She updates her status every couple hours, with the most mundane of her day. We all are guilty of being a bit impulsive or odd from time to time, but she was consistently cracking me up.

NH reminded me I could always choose to get less information on my home page about a particular person. But why do that when you can instead have a little fun? The game became “What is XX doing?” And we had some fun with it. On the slopes, at dinner. Every chance we got to check in.

Tonight after dinner, sitting by the fireplace watching the snow fall, I really wanted to write that I was “sitting by the fireplace watching the snow fall”. I can see how the mundane can have some charm. There was a ton of snow. I can’t wait to ski tomorrow. Maybe I could have mentioned that I was “anticipating some great skiing”. Or maybe after tomorrow I’ll be “in a cast”. I try to behave over there, you never know when Facebook is going to bite you. In this age, no one wants to be that guy. Facebook prevents me from gaining weight – you have to post pictures every so often! Facebook might prevent me from a divorce. I don’t want to have to change my status to “it’s complicated”! I kinda wish I knew where some wedding pictures were…people always have those.

It’s fun to use and abuse a social networking site. What’s your guilty pleasure?