Where I Live

These are the things the Gables does with all that money I throw at them in rent:

(if you don’t know me, by “I”, I mean the man I’m married to that pays the bills)

  • Miscalculate their books
  • Make me pay for water
  • Not fix things on time when I ask
  • Hold my packages 4 months before giving me notice
  • Pay someone too old to work to be our “Security Guard”
  • The Poop Patrol. Seriously, they PAY people to clean up after the animals of the idiots here that won’t clean up after their own animals.


Since I don’t have a dog, or lay on the grass around here, I think this is the biggest waste of money on the earth. I’ve seen places that have happy hours. COMPLIMENTARY ones. There’s a thought.

One thought on “Where I Live

  1. Do they need an assistant manager who can get shit done? Cause that is totally me.

    Ask my residents, as ghetto as they are they rely on me.

    And I get shit done.

    Crack needles in the laundry room? Taken care of!

    Maintence crap? Done!

    Hookers are where? Done!

    Seriously, let me know because I am tired of dealing with these people.

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