Austin Bloggers Pub

I met this guy (on the internet) and I paid him ($35,000)* and the result?

I’m on Austin Bloggers Pub!!!!!!!!!!!!

What that means to you: Yes, you should click the link and check it out.

Yes, you should still come here so that I increase my hit count.

Yes, you should be prepared for the post in the very near future when he fires me from something I don’t even think you CAN get fired from…

Yes, you are EXCITED.

cheerleader cat

*no, I didn’t REALLY pay him, and I don’t have any money to loan you.

One thought on “Austin Bloggers Pub

  1. how did you get access, cause now i totally want to join. To bad virtual beer doesn’t do the same as real beer.

    speaking of which…HH tonight?

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